I wonder if my weight made me depressed?

In September I decided to sign up for a new diet plan. It uses pyshcology to change your eating habits and keep the weight off. Over the years I did all kinds of fad diets like Paleo and Keto, lost weight, then put it back on with extra. After I went on this diet, I started to lose 1 to 2lbs a week. I went down from my all time high of 209lbs to under 200lbs. Nine pounds doesn't feel like a lot but I can tighten

I have my hunger under control and feel great. The biggest thing for me is controlling my ravenous hunger. Along the way I cut out alcohol and ate more vegetables (fiber). I concentrated on low calorie but high volume foods to feel full and tide me over to the next meal.

One week ago I decided to transition to an all plant based diet. This is code word for Vegan but I like to call it the former. The wonderful thing over the past few months is that I started to feel mentally clearer. I've been in an upbeat mood for years but this was discernible enough. It started off subtle, like I wanted to write more. Then I picked up my camera after a long hiatus and started posting images on Flickr again.

I wonder if my weight affected me and my creative outlets. It's been said that physical exercise is a great way

It might be to soon to say that my diet is a life saver, but I will be monitoring it. My ultimate goal weight is 175 so I have 25lbs to go. The biggest indicator will be how much writing and photography work will I do from now on?

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