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Wing Chun

Some interesting tid-bits:

  • Wing Chun was created by a female shaolin monk
  • She was inspired by watching a bird attack a cobra
  • The punch should relaxed until right before impact, then tense and release tension after impact
  • Straight line punching is powerful
  • Sticky hands method teaches you to feel for an opening
  • Close the distance with your opponent
  • Close quarter fighting is optimal for Wing Chun
  • Yip Man opened a school in Hong Kong and had many students
  • One student opened a Dojo in Macau (I think I know where)
  • Head Instructor (Sufi) Loi was a master fighter in his youth
  • He has now become a vegetarian, feels he is calmer now
  • Training is all day long until you are exhausted. Then the lessons begin
  • Only Kung Fu students eat Congee at midnight
  • Congee is supposed to make you stronger by replacing your spent fluids