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Week Ending 2018-06-03

  • Monday was Memorial Day, had a small BBQ
  • Watched E’s soccer game on Sunday, they won 3-0
  • S and I were invited over for a BBQ at N&L’s house. Had some great corn, chicken, and beef. Drank a beer and had some wine. Finished off with marsala chai tea
  • Moved some furniture with S
  • Cut grass on Sunday morning


  • Delivered a Horse Race Model, supposedly won $27.50 on a $2 wager


  • Was really lazy and didn’t go to any classes (that was money throwen out the window
  • Went to a Seisan Seminar in Plesant Valley NY on Saturday. Had dinner with many Karate friends


  • Worked four days this week doing Engineering
  • Did two site inspections for my sister’s new septic system. Inspected the exvacation and suitable fill material. Suitable material passed.
Up next Memorial Day 2018 Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? Nowadays it seems the meaning is Being Productive I’m being very unproductive lately. I just need to snap out of it and log things more. Maybe I can do it via a Google Calendar.
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