I created this tiny landmass as a test of Wonderdraft and quickly realized how wonderful this little area can be for running small adventures.

The Lands of ArkscadiaThe Lands of Arkscadia

I shaded a few areas on the maps to let the DM/GM know where player characters (PCs) would bump into the standard races. The blue bounded area is forested and where wood elves generally live.

Orc Mountains

The orange area is filled with mountain and hill orcs. They like to fight with the elves to the south and dwarves to the west. They do make raids into the unshaded areas where humans primarily inhabit, so that’s why there’s no direct route from Ambergrove to Shadowbridge.

Cinderwallow Territory

The purple area is the domain of halflings. They like to trade but generally don’t welcome a lot of outsiders into their territory. Cinderwallow is the only approved halfling city for trading with humans. There is some cross border trade with Shadowbridge too.

The Iron Mountains

To the north in the Iron Mountains live the dwarves. They keep to themselves. The valley between the Iron Mountains and Orc Mountains inhabit a tribe of drawves known as the grass dwarves. Not much is known about them but they are known to be fierce fighters.

Ardenridge Desolation and Mountains

No one knows who or what lives in the Ardenridge Desolation. It’s a large desert with rumored nomadic tribes.

The Wild Lands to the north of the Ardenridge Mountains is an untamed wilderness. Only the brave or crazy go there. The setting off point is Spectrastar Fort.

Cities and Towns

Human settlements are the following:

  1. Port City of Amberhaunt
  2. Town of Shadowbridge
  3. Village of Ambergrove
  4. City of Barrenhide
  5. City of Midhold
  6. Port Cityof Rosenfeld
  7. Town of Greydam
  8. Hamlet of Neerostille
  9. Spectrastar Fort
  10. Thauma Landing
  11. Mining Town of Embersteel

Halfling settlements are the following:

  1. City of Cinderwallow

Dwarven settlements are the following:

  1. The Halls of Ignoble

Elves, Orcs, and other races are hidden or are nomadic tribes.

The Lands of Arkscadia

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