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A Practical Guide to Shooting Film Oct 3, 2017 Film & Photography & thoughts This is a rant piece that aims to be somewhat informative, ideally. Right now there are so many “film” shooters selling courses or workshops on how Film for Street Photography May 9, 2016 Film & Street Photography & thoughts I spent the last 6 months just shooting film and not developing it. I squirrelled it away in a bag and just let it marinate. I wanted to look at my Me May 5, 2016 Film & Diana F+ & thoughts & personal Film, Diana F+ NYC Snap Apr 28, 2016 Film & Nikon & photos & street photography Typical NYC tourist snap. Taken on a $4 Nikon film point shoot, by E. Film, Nikon Thanksgiving Turkey Apr 2, 2016 Film & Thanksgiving & photos & random snaps Film, Canon Elan2e Zalkr with a hat Apr 1, 2016 NYC & Film & photos & street photography #Zalkr with a hat Zalkr’s reflection wearing a funny hat in a shop on St Marks Place. Cross processed. Film, Elan 2e New York State of Mind Mar 31, 2016 NYC & Film & photos & street photography #New York State of Mind Emily a top the Empire State Building. Olympus XA2 #Macau Circa 2003 Dec 25, 2003 Macau & Christmas & Film & Canon & photos & macau