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Beer Archaeology Apr 27, 2018 Beer & Archeology & brewing Lately I’ve been learning how to make bread. Not put the ingredients into a bread machine and hit the “run” button, but good old fashioned bread by A French Nano Brewery Tour! Oct 4, 2017 DIY & Nano Brewery & brewing I really Liked this short video. It goes to show you that small nano breweries can do well in the right location with the right ingredients. Now if FarmHouse Ales - The Experience Aug 11, 2017 Farmhouse Ale & Homebrew & Iceland & News & Norway & Travel & brewing My favorite type of ales are Farmhouse Ales. Brewed after the summer, they’re very carbonated with a spicy and fruity flavor. Bittering varies but How I Got Started Brewing Beer Aug 1, 2017 Writing & DIY & brewing Here’s a podcast on how I got started brewing beer. The story starts way back in 1994 but has stayed with me all these years. I travel over  2,000 What is Gemütlichkeit Jul 22, 2017 Beirgarten & Gemütlichkeit & Social & brewing Gemütlichkeit. It’s a strange word where you just “know it when you feel it.” It’s a positive word with a funky pronunciation that many non-Germans California Common Results Jul 6, 2017 California Common & Homebrew & Review & Steam Beer & Video & Tasting & brewing A review of my California Common homebrew! This was my first lager I brewed at the new house using the old school method of lagering - my basement! Altbier Recipe Apr 6, 2017 brewing Note: Will be brewing this in a few weeks. HOME BREW RECIPE: Title: Altbier Author: Lewis Brew Method: All Grain Style Name: Altbier Boil Time: 60 Head Retention in Homebrewed Beer Mar 27, 2017 brewing Important stuff for head retention. I have some problems with this, I wonder if it’s my sanitation process. Brew all-malt beer (no adjuncts such as German Pilsner Mar 20, 2017 brewing I took this recipe and brewed it in my garage last year. The temperature flucated way too mugh and it got all estery on me. This would work better A Lager of Merritt Mar 18, 2017 brewing HOME BREW RECIPE: Title: A Lager of Merritt Author: interpreted from Anchor BYO article / tweaked by Thomas Ott Brew Method: All Grain Style Name: Big Sky ButtaFly Saison Mar 18, 2017 brewing HOME BREW RECIPE: Title: Big Sky ButtaFly Saison Author: Thomas Ott Brew Method: All Grain Style Name: Saison Boil Time: 60 min Batch Size: 5.5 Glacier Hops Mar 15, 2017 Hops & Brewing & brewing Interesting post about Glacier Hops. I must try them in the future. Glacier Hops is a balanced dual purpose hops. Its composure lends itself to California Common Teaser Jan 24, 2017 California Common & Teaser & Video & Writing & brewing