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MSFT keeps on going higher

Now this is a wonderful chart. It's a weekly chart of MSFT and I like it. Been long this company since the 80's or so. I love it MSFT for it's cloud offering Azure. If you're a Data Scientist or a Data Analyst, you're either on Azure of AWS, and let's face it...AWS is hard.

MSFT Stock

Staying long till the cows come home.


GERN and Mistakes

I don't remember where I found this one but I went long around $3.70 months back. The stock promptly went flat and lower. I don't have a lot of shares in this thing but it is supposed to be a JNJ potential buyout. They're developing some drug that that if it flies, JNJ will do something nice for them.

GERN Stock


Normally I wouldn't waste my time with a stock like this, I'd put the $ into a fund I have. I like to keep my money together and not sprinkle some investments here and some there. Concentration on a few things, and doing them well will bring you wealth.


Emerging Markets are Tanking

The Emerging Markets have been slowing up a lot lately. The weekly charts shows them peaking around the start of 2018 and slowly giving back gains.

EEM Weekly

It's always a concern when a stock trades below the 50DMA on the weekly chart and it's a freaking 5 alarm fire when there's a 'death cross' on the daily.

EEM Daily

Sure looks like the daily action on EEM is very bearish. Stay away unless you like a drawn out short.

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Apple is Worth $1 Trillion Dollars!

This very moment, AAPL's valuation has crossed the $1 Trillion dollar mark. Amazing! Congratulations to all at AAPL and all the investors/traders on Wall Street who helped make this happen.

I sold my AAPL stock positions a while ago and made profit. Some of my mutual funds still hold it, so I'm not missing out on the party BUT in hindsight I should've sold half instead of the whole position. I'm just happy to see my fund's NAV's creep higher.

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