London 2018

I’m in London for work and managed to take a few photos walking around this weekend.

London at Night

I managed to meet an old work colleague in London for a few drinks. It was strange but I only knew him for 4 months back 25 years ago, but we hit it off.

Sure Facebook helped reconnect us, but we’re both fathers now and have gotten older and perhaps a bit wiser.

We had several drinks, spoke of politics, life, old friends, and parenthood.

Just before we left he said that it’s quite possible we’d never see each other again. He’s right, we might not.

Nothing is guaranteed in this life. Nothing.

Don’t wait to call your parents.

Don’t wait to say you’re sorry.

Don’t wait to tell that girl or boy you like them.

Don’t wait.

If the opportunity presents itself, you should take it.