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Ruminations on 2017


Insert the standard It’s hard to believe but 2017 is almost over! Followed by the”Next year my resolutions are: <<my list>>”

2017 was good to me and my family. I hope it was good to you and yours. We did a lot of traveling. I changed jobs. Moved. You get the picture.

I didn’t do half the fun stuff I wanted to do and I hope I get to more than half this coming year. I just always feel like there never is enough time. Do I sleep too much or waste my time with frivolous stuff? The answer? Yes.


I think next year I’d like to move all my trading accounts under an LLC. Study the FOREX markets again, make some trades there. I want to buy more tech stocks and max out my 401k again.

Then I want to do some more traveling with Stella and the kids, get my brown belt in Karate, and maybe start a meditation routine. Maybe do some more camping, take more photos and actually print them out this year. Limit my time on social media. Write more.

Or maybe I’ll do more of the same.

I’ve learned this year that small changes over time make big impacts. Yes, really it does. Spent the last 1.5 years going to the Dojo about twice a week. I should do three. My heart health measurable improved but I’m still fat. So yeah, health will be a big focus for me this coming year.

I want to do more hiking again. I injured my foot earlier this year and that limited long walks and hikes. I never really realized how much I missed just walking.

I take too much for granted. I really do. Maybe that’s what my new year resolution should be, take the important things less for granted.

Happy New Year.