Poetry and Very Short Stories 2020

Poetry and Very Short Stories 2020

VSS, or Very Short Stories is a daily Twitter prompt that I like to partake in from time to time. Usually its with a word prompt. Here’s my running list of VSS for the year 2020.

She always watched the sunset if she got her chore done in time. It would take 10 minutes to climb to a good spot, another 5 to the best and highest spot. Atop the tallest wall of the land, she dreamed of what lay outside these walls.

A happy heart
beams with delight
on a cold and
Christmas night.

young buck
with your white tailed ass
you crack me up

folds of ice
slither across my lake
blue skies above

my little bird,
every morning
you whisk my soul away
on your tiny wings.\

conjuction -
stars, planets, and

I like making
you coffee
in the mornings.
it keeps us in bed

He held a single rose in his hand. Trembling, he watched a tiny coffin descend six feet down under a #winter sky. Now shaking, he tossed the rose into her grave.

“For you, my little girl,” he choked, tears stinging his eyes.

O’ Shaman
can you help
us untangle
the webs of

my father’s
the sound
of a
death rattle

cherry blossoms
pick the perfect one

She lifted her head up to the mirror and stared at herself for a good long time. She knew, right then and there in that dingy gas station bathroom that she had to make a #change. She had to leave this place and everything behind. #vss365

perch in

misplaced heart:
wounds too deep
cold as snow

fresh snow
It comes up to my
dog’s belly.

“Tell me, what is the #nature of the problem?” He stared coldly at me. “I’ve been having these strange dreams lately and I don’t know what they mean?” He reflects and scribbles furiously on his notepad, “Interesting, very interesting…” #vss365

red locks of fire
your life too soon
for Noreen

her kisses
burn hotter
a fire

between trees
crisp morning air
silent walk

One more push. One more pull request. The code merge has completed and the #release is fully generated. On this day, with a lowly click of the button, a hacker changed the world. #vss365

“Damn #infernal machine!” My grandfather shouts as my kids try to show him how to play Flappy Bird on their phones. #vss365

She pushes
On her toes
Kiss me

Icy wind
My pilot light
Goes out

Bird tracks
In fresh snow
Titmouse flying

Fresh snow
Titmous on a branch

Calm lake
A swan cuts the water
No mate

50 times
Around the sun
Joy and madness
Happy to be here
With you

Watching from my window
coffee in hand
A little red fox
Pisses on my

Diana teases:
Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
Venus ascends

Never listen to me!

is a number

Autumn twilight
She nestles closer
Leonids flash outside

Autumn wind -
my old dog shivers
warm lap

early morning;
I take out
the trash
in my
robe and slippers

hot coffee
warm blanket
cool laptop

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