Playing Castles & Crusades

So after 30+ years I've started a Dungeons and Dragons type role playing game group. I put the word out on Facebook and I got an overwhelming response from friends. I guess a lot of people like these type of roleplaying games and I remember having a lot of fun playing them as a teenager. Our group is now 11 strong.

We'll be playing a open variant of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) called Castles & Crusades (C&C). C&C is about 90% of the 5th edition of D&D and much faster in combat. Our first inaugural game will be this Saturday and I will be the Game Master (GM). I have a great one page dungeon called the Wailing Well that I got from here

Yes, there's A TON of things on the Internet now for RPG'ers and GMs, and I'm amazed at it all. 

World Generators

I quit playing when I was entering college, but many programmers didn't. They used their skills to develop fantasy world generators and random dungeon generators. With the programming power of D3js and general javascript, these generators are awesome!

The big ones I've found and use are DonJon, Watabou, and Azgaar.

DonJon is massive is scope. You can generate a fantasy world with mountains, rivers, cities, ruins, and castles. There are other generators to create random dungeons, adventures, names, and city layouts. It even can generate entire Kingdoms with a level of detail that is breathtaking.

I prefer Watabou's Medieval town/city generator. It generates walls, ports, names of gates, farms, and so much more. It's perfect to build grand cities to small towns with inns. 

The Azgaar fantasy world generator might be superior to the DonJon's generators. Azgaar only focuses on the world but the level of detail awesome. The generator creates maps for land masses, biomes, rivers, provinces, and much more. You can click on towns and it goes right to a Watabou pre-generated city. You can save these maps and reload them to continue working on them.

These generators are PERFECT for fantasy writers too. They give you places to populate and back stories to write. 

Back Stories

Of course, as a GM or writer you'll need to populate back stories and create grand adventures. These generators give you the skeleton of the world but don't give you any "meat." The rest is up to you.

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