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  • Why is Everything a Side Hustle These Days?

    Why is Everything a Side Hustle These Days?

    The answer isn’t a side hustle, it’s cooperation. We need to put to rest these ideas of rugged individualism and being capitalistic titans of industry because they’re killing us. The entire system we live in is built on exploitation and it’s got to stop.

  • Railroads, Labor, And The End of The American Dream

    We’re all waking up from the American Dream that turned into a nightmare and opening our eyes for the first time.

  • The Free Market Goes Both Ways

    Guess what bitches? The Free Market works both ways!

  • Strategy And The Art of War

    You can increase your odds of survival by banding together and evaluating what everyone brings to the table, how they can help, and where your weak spots are. Then you can work to strengthen those weak spots.

  • Let’s Talk About The Future World

    I’m not being a gloom and doomer over here, but this is real.  We’re seeing this unfold in front of our eyes. You can’t deny the extreme weather. You can’t deny the War in Ukraine. You can’t deny El Niño. You can’t deny how stupid some of our citizens were during the COVID pandemic. You can’t deny how we consume like mindless people

  • Bird Flu is Coming For All of Us

    We don’t have to go crazy because Bird Flu will rip through populations and then be over, not like COVID, if the 1918 Spanish Flu was any indication.

  • Climate Warming Will Push us Past 1.5 C

    I love the Germans and their research. They just released a new report titled “The plausibility of a 1.5°C limit to global warming — social drivers and physical processes”.  In other words, the climate will warm greater than 1.5C and we’re all going to roast. What’s preventing us from staying at this shitty target of only […]

  • Pass The Pigs Game And Its Dice Variant

    I don’t gamble, but it can be a lot of fun to learn more dice games and make wagers. Whether it’s plain dice or plastic pass the pigs game, these games teach our children about probability and when to take a risk for a reward.

  • The American Dream is Dead For You

    Did you know that the French are protesting vigorously? No? It’s been largely silenced in our news media, and I wonder why. What are they protesting about? A rise in the retirement age from 62 to 64. That’s right, President Macron and his cronies want to add two more years to the general retirement age. The […]

  • The DnD Community Wins – For Now

    Yes, the DnD community wins, for now. Continue to create your adventures, play your games, and make your stories. The games will go on but they’ll look different, and that’s OK

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