Oh Muse

I want to paint you with all the colors of creation.

Oh Muse
Photo by Vlad Kutepov / Unsplash

Oh Muse,
Where are you hiding?

Shall we play like
little children?

Or shall we be
adult about it?

I seek you but you are
just out of my grasp.

You are the scent
on a lover’s bedsheet.

The extra coffee cup
on the kitchen counter.

An incomplete song, missing
that one note.

Oh Muse!
Come out wherever you are!

I want to hold you like a lover.
Tenderly and passionately.

I want to paint you with
all the colors of creation.

I want to climb a mountain
and behold your view.

Oh Muse,
Why do you hide from me?

I search for you in the bottom
of a bottle.

I listen for you in the music
of a sonata.

I read your words in the
book of another.

Oh Muse! Why are you
forsaking me?

I hear your whispers
at night.

I see a blank page to write on,
a score to be started!

I see a blank canvas,
a raw block of marble.

Oh Muse!
Why do you pain me so?

Have I been inattentive to
your needs?

I am I not a worthy

I crave your touch!
A single touch!

I feel the air still.

I see you.

I write.