Welcome to my new newsletter sign-up page. Things have changed and there’s nothing for you to sign up for anymore.

What’s changed is that I’m running this site through WordPress now and they provide the option to make sections of blog posts, entire posts, and even email newsletters as premium content.

Before anyone freaks out, I’m not toll-gating this site. No, I want to share more on this site with great articles and posts that you can use and find value in.

That said, some stuff will be set as premium content.

What do I mean by premium content? It’s content where I go into deeper depth about a particular topic, share deeper thoughts and experiences, and give you access to me.

Why me? Who the hell am I and why should you listen to me and pay for premium content? Good question, so here are my answers:

At 43 I made one helluva career change

At 43 I quit my job as a professional engineer to join a Series A startup in Boston. I went from designing roads and stormwater systems to working in sales and marketing.

Making this switch was scary as hell and I will share with you my trials, tribulations, and strategies on how I got there.

I blogged my way to a new career

I started a blog called Neural Market Trends where I made machine learning and data science video tutorials and blog posts. All that work led me to join that Series A startup out of Boston.

I have a ton of experience on the ins and outs of actually turning your writing into something that can pay the bills.

I used to day and swing trade

There was a time when I wanted to make a fast and easy buck, so I decided to try my hand at day and swing trading. Then the market crashed in 2007/2008 and I lost a sizable amount of my investments back then.

Now? I just invest for the long term, search for passive investments and passive income. The less I do, the better I do. I will share with you my thoughts on the subject of wealth creation because wealth reclaims your time!

I played in a punk rock band in the 90’s

Why should you care about this? Two main reasons! I’ve lived a fun but crazy life at times and that means I have a lot of stories to share. Plus, I published a (fan)zine back in those days that had a small readership back in the ’90s.

Oh, and my band’s name was Small Children Drowning. We played in and around New York City and even made two records. Good luck finding those EPs now!

I love writing about sex, relationships, marriage, parenting, and philosophy

Sometimes my topics are a bit on the NSFW (not safe for work) side. No, you won’t read about “10 great tips for taking in the pooper” here. What you will read about is how I believe that love is a renewable resource. The importance of love, sex, and healthy relationships.

Hell, there’s even some parenting advice here too and philosophy, lots of introspection on how to live my (and your) best life.

After all, this is the one shot you have in this reality, make it your best and happiest one.

I’ll share some behind the scene work and stuff of my photoshoots, camera gear review, and other photography-related stuff. I might even do some interviews of photographers to boot (I’ve been thinking about this for a long time).

Because you love me

I think you love me, at least I hope you do! I love you all.