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Is Making Bread Hard?

Is making bread hard? YES! For me at least. However, I’m getting better at it.

After a two hour proof and then putting it into a break pan for another 30 minute proof, I found my mistake. I need to proof it even longer after putting it into the mold!

bread doughbread dough

Additionally, using cups and the English system of measurements for baking really sucks. One cup to you is different than one cup to me, so the bread is not consistent.

baked breadbaked bread

##My mangled bread recipe

Right now I’m mixing the metric and English system of measurement. I’m trying to transition away from English but I still need to figure out what 1 teaspoon is in metric.

420 grams of bread flour

210 milliliters of water

Garlic powder / Rosemary / Thyme to taste

3 teaspoons of instant yeast

PS: I will never make fun of artisnal bread’ ever again.