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Is it time for Active Investing?

I really don’t know but all this passive investing has got me wondering. Is it time to get active in the markets again? Maybe. Maybe note. I’m probably the worst contrarian indicator out there, but I try to think like the smart money. I try to think where to put some $ to work in forgotten sectors or markets.

I get it, the crypto market is ALL the rage now and I do own some coins. I love the 30+% overnight increases and the possibility of doubling your investment in a month, week, or day is possible.

So is losing it all.

I struggle, I have no trading plan for the cryptos. When I traded Forex or Stocks I used to take out half of my position when it appreciated to level of my initial investment. That made me look smart twice.

Once when the market went higher, I still had shares in the game and twice if the stock took a dump. I took my investment out.

For the cryptos? I don’t know. Do you sell 20% when it goes up 20%? Do you sell half when it goes up 100%? Do you keep selling half every time it doubles?

I don’t know.

Stocks and Forex

I’ve been passively investing in 401k mutual funds for years now and I’ll continue to do that BUT I have been dabbling in some one off stocks over the years. NVDA and MSFT have been very good to me over the year(s). I owned TSLA, XOM, and a few others that I sold. Mostly profitable but I had some stinkers.

Hey, it’s all about spreading the risk around.

So why not look at more stocks and even some currencies? Shoot I used to trade them and did quite well. Not enough to quit my day job, but why would I? I think you gotta be a bit nuts to just day-trade all day.

I can sit behind the screen for a bit but I need to get out, I need to get out and meet people. Talk about ideas, new things, and just shoot the shit. If I can get paid to do that, then I’d be a happy old fart.

Disclosure - I own NVDA, MSFT, EWG, BCH, ETH, and XPR.


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