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Investing in 2019 and beyond

The r/investing sub cracks me up sometimes. This guy has had enough of the sub because all it spews is how great Buffet is and dollar cost averaging.

Investing in 2019 and BeyondInvesting in 2019 and Beyond

If you ask me, all the things he complains about are good. ETFs are good, low cost(ish), and easy to get in and out of. Dollar cost averaging has really helped me build a good size 401k nest egg but it required consistency and time. If you add water with consistency and time, you get the Grand Canyon!

However, he(she) makes a great point about entrepreneurship and hard work. Real Estate, while greatly maligned right now, is another great vehicle to wealth. If you buy really low.

You need to think of yourself as being in business for yourself. I consider an Investor as someone who manages their own sovereign wealth fund. You need to put in the time to figure out what’s best for you and your risk tolerance. Then, think like Ray Dalio.

Some things never change. People have no patience.

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