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I Retired at 38


Tanja and husband Mark started saving for retirement early. She knew she had to store up investments because she has an genetic disease that will ravage her in later life.

It took us about six years to save up for our retirement, and we were not starting from zero. I want to be very clear about that. We had retirement savings and home equity before we began the process. I don’t think most people can retire at 38 like I did.

This is here store about retiring at 38 and some of the interesting takeaways. The relationship part took me by surprise Relationships might fall apart during retirement.

Another thing I didn’t expect about retirement was that Mark and I had some rocky periods in our relationship in the last year. There’s this idea that work is the villain keeping you from having a good marriage, so if you take work away then your marriage will be perfect. That’s not true. I know some people whose early retirement exposed unfixable problems in their marriage, and made them realize that they wanted to do different things with their lives. A fair number of people do split up after they stop working.

Going from working to retirement like going 60 to 0 mph can really screw things up, but there are benefits. The trick is to keep busy and have a set routine.

Being retired while all our friends are still working hasn’t been that weird. It helps that we live in a ski town and know almost no one with a traditional work schedule. Now, we wake up between 8 and 9 a.m. without an alarm clock almost every day, and I hope that never gets old. We have a long, leisurely breakfast unless there’s fresh snow and we’re trying to get out and ski. For many years we were always rushing to be on our phones first thing because we worked East Coast jobs and lived on the West Coast, so we always felt behind when we woke up. I love that we don’t have to do that anymore.

Here’s the key point. Health (emphasis mine).

I want to say I don’t get stressed out anymore, but there are always dumb little things to worry about, like our local postal service sucks and mis-delivers things all the time. It’s mundane, but I spend a lot of time chasing down mail, which is annoying. And I do worry about health care constantly. If something happened to the Affordable Care Act and a ton of our budget suddenly had to go to health care, then that’ll be a challenge. But the flip side risk was that I spent all my healthy years working. Which is ultimately worse? You can’t get those healthy years back. via The Cut

If you can retire early, go for it. Use your better health to explore this world.

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