The Girl on top of the World

The Girl on top of the World

I remember taking my daughter and cousin into New York City one cold day. My cousin was visiting from Germany and my daughter was about 6 years old. I had given her a Nikon point and shoot film camera that I bought at Goodwill and she just took picture after picture.

That was a glorious day and whenever I see this photo I’m reminded of the sentimentality of it all. My cousin has long gone back to Germany, to her life. We hardly speak because of life, the pandemic, a host of other factors. Since that time my daughter has grown into a young woman and filled her life with art, friends, and fencing. I hardly recognize her anymore when I compare her to this snap!

But for that one brief moment, I was able to stop time. For that one moment, I was able to see what she was like back then, full of wonder and amazement on top of the Empire State Building.

Daughter on top of the Empire State Building, (c) Thomas Ott

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