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The Food That Americans Eat is Making Them Sick

The quote, “Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine” is oft attributed to Hippocrates and it’s a perfect metaphor for this American disaster. Experts are warning that the food that Americans eat is making them sick all because of the fillers.

I say what’s making us sick is attributed to corporate greed.

Guess who’s taking a stand for the health of their people? The maligned Socialistic countries of Europe. The countries that have quality socialistic healthcare for free.

Europe has banned food additives out of an abundance of caution. Why? Because some of these substances, that our government approved as food additives, aren’t 100% safe. Some of those additives have been linked to cancer and ill health.

Why risk your life and your children’s life to any harm if you know an ingredient isn’t safe?

For anyone that’s ever been to any European country, Great Britain included, you probably ate and drank all kinds of great food and drink.

When I was in London I drank ale that was fermented in outdoor vats, an old but interesting fermentation process. I ate fresh bread in Germany and delicious yogurt in Iceland. I ate goulash with pickled red cabbage and potatoes in the Czech Republic. I ate a lot of chocolate, pastries, and sweets.

I ate and drank my way across Europe and felt great. I even lost a bit of weight and felt satisfied. Granted, I was on vacation and everything is better on vacation, but I’ve traveled around the world and I can’t help but notice a different food quality when compared to the United States.

When I lived in New Mexico I took a home brewing course by one of the former owners of Rio Grande Brewery. It was my favorite microbrewery beer that got so big in Albuquerque that it was eventually acquired by a big-name brewer.

We spoke of the German purity law of 1516, where only four ingredients are ever to be used in beer production: yeast, malt, water, and hops.

He told us that in the USA you can add different chemicals to stabilize or enhance the flavor of the beer. You can manipulate the beer into something that meets a corporate marketer’s dream.

That didn’t sit well with me and it was the main reason why I started brewing my own beer. It was the reason why I started drinking only ales and lagers that were brewed in accordance with the German purity law.

Additives aren’t added to only beers, there in the basic foodstuff like bread.

I started making sourdough bread a few years before the COVID pandemic broke out. My ingredients were just salt, flour, yeast, and water. I baked bread with simple ingredients and never used a filler.

In the United States, breadmakers can add Potassium Bromate to their bread. It’s used to add texture and structure to the bread. It’s a filler that makes the bread look better, and it’s been linked to cancer.

In 1982, researchers in Japan published the first of a series of studies showing that potassium bromate causes cancer in the thyroids, kidneys and other body parts of rats and mice.

via LiveScience

Bread bakers have been putting this stuff in bread since 1914 and still do today.

What gives? Why keep adding something to one of the most basic foodstuffs ever to be invented in the history of mankind? I can’t think of anything else but corporate greed.

Fillers are just that, fillers. They take up the space of what otherwise would be a vital ingredient like flour. Less flour in your baking process means cost savings, and cost savings means maximizing shareholder value.

All this is at the expense of your customer.

It’s the same old story, “Fuck you Jack, I got mine.”

It’s in the interest of a country with socialized medicine to keep healthcare costs low, so what do they do? They ban or severely tax what makes you sick.

In the United States? We don’t have quality healthcare for everyone. We have it for a select few because the powerful corporate interests keep telling us that anything socialized is bad.

I call bullshit.

Socialized medicine is bad but for corporate greed. We have voting dumbfucks that continue to vote against their best interest on free healthcare, unions, and social programs because SOCIALISM is bad!

Wake up, people! Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

Food prices are so damn high that we’re being forced into unhealthy value meals. We’re working like corporate slaves and come home exhausted so we reach for a fast and easy TV dinner.

Thirsty and worried about all that extra high fructose syrup? Grab that diet soda.

Our food system is littered with crap, it’s everywhere.

My late German grandmother, a farmer’s wife, used to say “A farmer won’t eat what he doesn’t know.”

My grandmother would never eat Mcdonald’s food. She would never drink a diet soda or give her kids Lunchables.

Instead, she baked delicious cakes from scratch. She churned her own butter and fermented her own sauerkraut. She helped smoke slaughtered pigs so that her family of eleven people could live on it for a year.

While my grandfather and my oldest uncles worked the farm fields, she would gather eggs from their chickens. She would barter berries for milk, and create simple but healthy meals for her nine children, husband, father-in-law, and herself.

Right before his death, my father would always talk about growing up with my grandmother, and how she was a loving mother and devoted wife.

He recalled how they never had shoes growing up but they always had good food to eat, all thanks to her.

Tears would well up in his eyes when he remembered how she would bake each child their favorite cake for their birthday. She would save money and gather the ingredients weeks before their birthday.

She was choosy when it came to the ingredients for her food, it had to be the best, the freshest, and grown locally.

We Americans like to believe we do the same, but we’re thwarted so early in the process that we don’t even realize it.

We Americans are crazy. We’re so worried about our health and eating all this processed health food that we never question what’s in it. Sure we read labels, but that’s for the calories only. We’re so damn worried about getting fat that we never dig deeper into what’s in the food itself.

If you want to eat high-quality and healthy food you’ll have to make everything from scratch. You’ll have to take out the middle man – corporate America – from your food cycle.

Cook and bake everything from scratch. Learn to cook and preserve the old-fashioned ways. Don’t buy prepackaged foods and stop drinking diet sodas.

Learn to food prep so when coming home late at night you can eat something healthy and not reach for something fast and easy.

Skip fast food places and learn to deconstruct their food. Want a fancy hamburger from a new fast-food burger joint? Learn how they make it and do it at home, but with unprocessed ingredients, you buy and make.

Why take all this extra time and effort for making food? Simple, because you made it, you have control over what you put in it and ultimately what you put into your body and others that you feed.

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