The Experiment Ends

The Experiment Ends

Today is March 31st and my passive income experiment comes to a blogging end. I’m still working on my passive investing goals but I’ve decided to stop writing about them. The main reason? I’m exhausted.

I’m exhausted writing posts, chasing SEO, and coming up with new topics at least once a week to keep the eyeballs on my posts. It’s been insane for me juggling my family, my elder parents, work, and whatever short free time I have.

Why should I care about all this anyways? I’m creating nothing but noise in the end, feeding the bloated Internet. There’s already too much noise on Internet and social media as it is.

Am I still investing in DRIP stocks, yes. Will I be writing about it here or on my Neural Market Trends blog going forward? Nope, because I’m done. Will I continue to post to my Neural Market Trends blog? Yes, but I’ll focus on tutorials. Why? Because that’s what my readers want.

Port Authority Pedestrian Tunnel 2008

There’s no reason for me to work full-time at my AI gig, build a life with my family, and then try to have a side hustle generating passive income from my blog. I have to ask myself, how much is enough?

Really, how much is enough?

I’ve deleted Google Adsense from my Neural Market Trends blog and will stop posting on Medium altogether, after this last post. I’ll still read what others are posting but I need to concentrate on the important matters in my life.

I will continue to blog here at but it will be more of a personal blog, and I couldn’t give two shits if people read it or not. I will write my poetry, write my stories, and post my photos there. I will make sure to keep everything away from the soul stealing Mediums of the world and just host everything myself.

So, thank you if you’ve read any of my Medium posts, commented on them, or liked them. It means a lot to me.

My DM’s are always open in case you want to interact with me on Twitter.

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