The Dollar

The Dollar

Looks like old George has seen better days, at least in my kid’s pocket.

I had an interesting conversation with my kids the other day. They’re getting older and starting to view the world through their own critical eyes.

Grungy Dollar

E just sold a bunch of dog treats she made at the local middle school entrepreneur fare. She joined the school business club and they had to come up with an idea to sell something at this fare.

They also had to figure out the cost per unit, gross profit margin, and so forth. She ended up selling all her dog treats and then goof off with her friends. That was to be expected but A did something interesting.

While the fare was in full swing he started selling for Emily. He would go up to parents and other students and give them a pitch on why they should buy from Doggo’s Desserts.

Doggo’s Desserts

He’d tell him how these were the best, most natural, and cheapest dog treats around.

Of course I can gush accolades on my kid but I was quite surprised that he turned into a mini-salesman.

I’d like to think it as all because of me, his father and how I like story telling and can connect with business users, yadda yadda yadda. So I asked him, how he did it. How did he get the courage to walk up to random people and talk to them?

He said, “I was just being brave, Dad”.

Yup. Being brave.

I fully believe that wisdom comes from everywhere if you listen. It’s not relegated to some old guru on a mountain top or in some old book, it can be anywhere.

In this case, it was a transmission from my son to me. Yes, he taught me a thing or two. He reminded me to be brave.

Why did I need to be reminded? Cause I forget. We all forget, we all do at one time or another. We get busy with work, life, whatever else the rat race throws at us and we forget. We get paralyzed. Should I take that new job? Make that new trade? Whatever.

It’s so freaking easy to get complacent and comfortable. It’s only natural, life can be tough and harsh, and rough around the edges. Who doesn’t want to feel safe and warm? Not be brave, go with the flow…

Well it’s a recipe for death. Death in everything. Death in your career, marriage, life, whatever. You got to be brave and break out of that comfort zone.

Yes, I used that buzzword “comfort zone” and I’m going to use a but now: but it’s true.

I have no idea what he was thinking in his 10 year old mind but he helped his sister sell out all her dog treats. They took their profits and spent it on candy and some other junk, had a good time, and hung out with friends. They had fun, we had fun.

The best part? On the way home A tells me he wants to join the business club and sell something next year.

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