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Care Guide for your Kefir (grains) culture

Care Guide for your Kefir (grains) culture

  1. Kefir grains work better in a glass container that’s open to the air. You can put cheesecloth over the opening to prevent insects and other things from falling into it.

  2. To start your culture, take whole milk and warm it up to hand temperature. If you make too hot, just let it cool off to hand temperature.

  3. Add the Kefir grains to the milk, cover with cheese cloth and let sit at room temperature.

  4. Your first culture may take 1 to 3 days to establish, be patient

  5. The Kefir is working if you notice the milk becoming thick. The longer you let the Kefir work, the more tart it becomes.

  6. When you are ready to eat the Kefir, take strainer and bowl. Gently pour out the thickened milk into the strainer and strain into the bowl below.

  7. You should be left with a blob of Kefir grains, set aside for the next batch of Kefir.

  8. Prepare the next batch of milk and add the Kefir grains to it to repeat the process.

Note: I occasionally wash the Kefir grains in slow moving, warmish water. I inspect the grains for any discolorations or contamination. If there is some sort of contamination, I take sterilized knife and cut it out. If everything is ok, I put it into the next batch of milk. It might take a day or two longer to restart the culturing process, it’s nothing to worry about.

Growing your culture: Over time the Kefir grains will get so big that they start to naturally break apart. You may use these smaller grains to start more Kefir cultures or just give away to your friends.

Suggestions for eating Kefir: You can eat the Kefir as is. We usually add a bit of local honey and chia seeds for a great breakfast.

Best of luck!

Thomas Ott