Big Metal Bird Fly Me Away

Big Metal Bird Fly Me Away

Reposting from my Flickr Account which will soon be deactivated and all content migrated:

“This year I travelled ‘a hella lot.’ It’s been a good but tough year. I love traveling and my current gig lets me do almost as much as I want. The downside is that it takes a lot out of you, it’s not a pleasure cruise. Traveling for fun is different because you’re on a different time table and you can go at your own pace. At work it’s always go, go, GO!

That said, so much of my life is blessed and I’m thankful for everything I have. My wife, kids, family, friends, and social media friends. Thank you all. My creativity has suffered over the past few years and I relegated myself to just snaps, I stopped trying to make better photos. I should’ve just kept working instead of letting my internal obstacles stop me. Still, I have snaps of the family and all those adventures. That means a lot to me then some half-assed attempt at art.

There were some ‘flashbacks’ for this year. I started writing letters and in my journal again. That’s been good to start getting thoughts out of my head and onto a more permanent medium. I feel like the creative juices are starting to simmer and I’m hoping to post more decent photos next year. Photos of the things and people that matter to me.

I wish all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. 2020 is going to rock.”

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