Adventure like you mean it

I just changed my byline from “Paying It Forward” to “Adventure Like You Mean It” because it better reflects my mindset these days. Last year was crazy and hectic for me but I got to travel a lot for work. I love traveling, I love it alot because it’s synonymous with “adventure.” Granted, that budget for traveling was paid for by my employer, but that doesn’t mean YOU can’t have adventures without paying a lot of money. Adventure like you mean it is really a mind set. You can have an adventure by simply walking to the grocery store, or driving to an unexplored area of your town.

The reality is that we only have a limited time in this world and only so much time with our loved ones. I feel that traveling helps us be better friends, lovers, spouses, children, and parents. You can immerse yourself in new cultures, learn new languages, and realize that we are not so different from those people that live on the other side of an imaginary line called a border.

So why this blog and why give it my name? I’ve been meaning to do something different for a long time, something different from my other blog that I mainly use for topics related to my work. I have my work life and this blog is my adventure life. Granted, there are tons of other travel blogs or sites out there, so what’s different about me? I’m not exactly sure what kind of content I can create that will make this place different, but what I do know is that any content I create will be honest, transparent, and fun.

Thank you all for reading. It’s time to go, the road is calling, Caio!

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