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Managing Your Time with Stoicism

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And you run, and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking

Lately, I’ve been reading Seneca as part of my exploration of Stoicism. As I get older and weepier, I’m drawn to philosophical things. I’m going to be freaking 50 years old in just over a year. If I were to die today, I would not want to go gently into that good night, but I would die satisfied. My life is awesome and I have a wonderful family and children. We live a life of adventure and I have a deeply meaningful career. Still, I want more! MORE!

I watched the video below and it made me pause a bit. I realized that I could squeeze more out of life if I paid attention to where I was wasting my time, so I wrote down in my journal a few big items that I need to work on. I recommend you journal AND watch the video below. I’ve added my keynotes for your reference below:

To live well we must be constant students of life

Don’t invest your time preparing for life

Live life for YouR own self

Practice Premeditatio Malorum

Make Long Term Rewards Immediate

Make the Most of your Free Time

Spend time reflecting on your past

Stop Wasting Time in Life’s Trivialities

Invest your time creating new memories

Invest your time in Philosophies

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