Iceland 2015

The raw power of the Icelandic landscape is breathtaking. I took these shots in July 2015 when my family and I did an extended layover in Iceland.

We rented a car and drove around the “golden circle” and took a ton of photos. The ones I’m sharing here are shot with my Ricoh GRD, a fantastic travel camera with a fixed 28mm lens. It’s a camera that’s designed for landscapes and street photos.

You can take portraits with the Ricoh but I left that to my iPhone.

The most powerful thing about this little camera is that it can shoot raw, in the DNG format, which I like better than Canon’s CR format.

It creates razor-sharp images and fits into your pocket. When I travel for an extended time I carry two extra (and charged) batteries with me as well as the USB charging cable and an extra one or two SD cards.

Here are some of my favorite, reprocessed, shots of Iceland (taken from my Travel Diary album on Flickr).

Iceland Gyser
(c) Thomas Ott

If you didn’t know, Iceland is very active or geothermal stuff. Geysers, waterfalls, bubbling hot springs. You name a geological feature and I’m pretty sure Iceland’s got it.

Waterfall in Iceland Forget Where This Was
(c) Thomas Ott

There were tons of waterfalls, rivers, and water features everywhere.

Iceland Landscape
(c) Thomas Ott

Gorgeous landscapes with stormy and clear skis where your eyes can roam for hours.

Skógafoss Waterfall in Iceland
(c) Thomas Ott

Majestic waterfalls from ice melt.

Field of Lupine in Iceland
(c) Thomas Ott

Fields of blue lupine flowers as far as the eye can see.

Rock Cairn on Black Sand Beach in Vik Iceland
(c) Thomas Ott

Famous black sand beaches at Vik, Iceland

Looking back at Vik Iceland from the black sand beaches
(c) Thomas Ott

Looking back to the famous red church in Vik Iceland, the landscapes are gorgeous.

Reykjavik Iceland Viking Boat Sculpture
(c) Thomas Ott

Artwork to pay homage to Iceland’s Viking heritage.

My daughter running on a wide open field in Iceland
(c) Thomas Ott

Stormy and cloud weather across open fields where you can run far and fast.

Iceland Horses
(c) Thomas Ott

And wonderful horses. So many horses!

I believe I’ve open-sourced all these images, so feel free to use them if you like. I just require attribution (a link back).

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