Elon Musk is a Shit Head

We’re fucked and don’t even know how hard yet

Thanks, Elon for offering 6 Billion dollars of your fabulous wealth to fix global hunger.

I mean it’s a nice gesture and all and it will get all your fans drooling and singing your praises, but you know what?

I think you’re bluffing and I think you want to whine about it when a “plan” never materializes.

Oh, I’ll give you kudos for making electric cars viable and I will credit you for the innovation you are driving in this space, that was never the issue.

But if you want to solve world hunger, take your billions and install free solar panels on every single house in the United States that wants it. Take your billions of wealth and give every driver in the country a free Tesla.

I know you won’t do that because shareholders and blah blah but put your freaking money where your mouth is. Don’t wait for a plan, make a plan.

Be a real leader.

I know, it’s not that simple but what I think you’re doing here is giving yourself and your buddies a way out. You’re trying to shield yourself and the Jeff Bozos of the world from criticism when the massive global collapse happens.

The collapse is coming and it will be climate change that will kill us all. It’s already killing birds, insects, and it’s already causing famine.

Billions are going to die. There will be social unrest, and governments will disappear. There will be violence. There is a high probability that you or your family members will die.

We had a code red for chrissakes and no one said “boo” except for people like me. People that care about the survival of all life on this planet.

I want your grandchildren to live on a healthy earth as much as I want my children to enjoy a living planet.

If that makes me bleeding heart liberal, then so be it.

We’re getting to the point in our survival where money won’t do a damn thing anymore. It’s going to be too late when all the countries wake up and say, “Wow, this shit is real and we gotta do something NOW!”

Too little too late.

The climate is a freight train, once it gets going it will take a long time to slow down.

By the time our governments do something, it will be decades and possibly millennia before things get better.

All those climate deniers and fossil fuel executives will be long dead, after having had their cake and eaten it too.

We’ll be dead too but maybe, just maybe, our grandchildren can take solace in the fact that the disembodied head of Elon Musk will be alive on his Mars base somewhere, posting about Dogecoin.

We are so fucked.

Prove me wrong Elon.


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