Don’t Buy the Meta Hype — Facebook Still Sucks

I hope it dies, get out while you can

I am on Facebook (FB) but I haven’t been active much since 2015. It all started when Trump rolled down that escalator and some people that used to be my friends revealed themselves to be fascists, racists, and downright shitty people.

I thought I knew some of my friends, but I was wrong.

Facebook revealed itself for what it was, a cesspool of the worst of humanity under the guise of connecting people, and it got considerably worse during the Trump years.

I wasn’t surprised when whistleblower Frances Haugen revealed the engagement algorithm and how it amplifies negative messages. I wasn’t surprised when she revealed how Facebook was used to crush people in 3rd world countries.

I hope it dies. I hope Zuckerberg loses it all because the anger that I feel is shared by millions.

I wasn’t surprised one bit.

Now, Facebook is fighting to keep its image clean but it’s slowly being branded by the marketplace as a platform for hate.

So what does Facebook want to do? Clean itself up and do the right thing? Nope, it wants to change its name and hope all this goes away.

Bury your head in the same much Zuck?

Yes, Facebook wants to do just like what Philip Morris (MO) did. It changed its name to the Altria Group, a nice safe name that would hopefully shed its sordid past.

Remember those days? Cancer? Cigarettes? Hiding scientific evidence and internal reports that its products were harmful? Yes, Phillip Morris was the Facebook from the 1990’s.

Instead of fixing the problems it had, Facebook wants to become Meta.

Facebook (FB) stock chart with support and resistance lines

Investors seem to be taking this name change in stride and hope it’ll give them a shiny new image.

Sure it’s been on a bumpy road since mid-September and there’s a lot of resistance to overcome, but maybe they’ll pull it off because “money talks” and there are a lot of hedge funds that own FB.

I hope it dies. I hope Zuckerberg loses it all because the anger that I feel is shared by millions.

Facebook changing their name is like putting lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig no matter how pretty you make it, and that’s the rub. We’re letting him do it because we have no real alternatives to what we crave.

Social media stickiness

I get it, Facebook and social media are incredibly sticky and that’s the problem. We are conditioned to get “likes” and crave interaction. We are socially driven apes and it’s in our nature to seek this out.

The problem is that Facebook and its sister, Instagram, are zoos. You think you’re free and get to walk around the zoo, but in reality, you’re the attraction. Facebook and Instagram mine your data and spit back exactly what you want to see.

On the surface that’s nice, they’re catering to your likes and wants, but down below in the murky water, it reinforces your insecurities. It amplifies racism, hate, fascism, and division. It turns us into the worst people.

Oh, how’s Altira Group doing these days? They’re still there, selling cigarettes and delivering an impressive 8.08% dividend yield to shareholders.

The Altria Group (MO) stock chart with support and resistance lines

Yes, it’s quietly earning money for its shareholders and it successfully shed the bad press it once had.

Don’t let this happen to Facebook. Don’t let them change their name and churn out more hate and reward shareholders with gains. Make them the pariah they deserve to be.

They deserve to die and if you have shares in the company, get out while you can.

Disclosure: No FB positions.

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