Fuck Money

Photo by Ricardo Díaz on Unsplash

Stop being exploited

I so love Twitter. I follow so many cool and interesting people there that share with the universe their wit, expertise, and their kindness.

The other day I came across @Rowenadances’s tweet about alternate currency.

I love this because it highlights that money isn’t everything, rather your time is everything. The old saying that “time is money” is correct but we’re so conditioned to get those bits of paper with funny faces on them instead of seeing how valuable our time really is.

You have Jeff Bozo joy riding in space as the world burns…

Yes, I know it takes cold hard cash to pay your rent, mortgage, and gas. These are realities of our capitalistic society, we can’t escape them, and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon.

But what frightens me is the glaring wealth inequities and the “fuck it” attitude of environmental destruction that the ultra-wealthy have.

You have Jeff Bozo joy riding in space as the world burns, gleefully making working conditions for his Amazon employees atrocious. Monitoring their every move, their toilet breaks, and their menstrual cycles.

The ultra-wealthy trap you into a cycle of servitude and continue to condition you that money is the be-all and end-all to your life. You need to make more and then consume. You need to put yourself in debt just to live.

We are exploited. Our time is exploited, debased, and manipulated so that we get hooked in a cycle of dependence.

Well, fuck that. Break free is what I say.

What if you can lessen your dependence on that? What if you can use an alternate form of currency, and stop playing this game so much?

No matter what alternate form of currency you want to give, they all come down to time.

That’s what her tweet was all about, alternate forms of currency.

Alternate Forms of Currency

Alternate forms of currency remind me a lot of bartering, the original way to trade. You have something I want and I have something you want. We’d talk about a fair and equitable value for each item and then trade.

You don’t need cold hard cash, Bitcoin, or Paypal for that. You can trade your time, cook meals for someone or bake bread, make and send art (one of my favorites), share your knowledge, do yard work, have sex (legally), etc.

Exploitation is how this inequitable game continues to trap you.

There are an infinite amount of ways where you can share your time, brains, or physical power as an alternate currency, and you don’t have to do any of that if you feel that you’d be exploited.

For someone like me, I value time, art, and favors as an alternate form of currency. No matter what alternate form of currency you want to give, they all come down to time.

I’ve written about this before but time is the most precious thing in the universe. The time you spend with or on someone (your love, partner, children, writing, etc) is the most valuable thing you can give to them.

Never forget, you have something they want.

As I type these words for you those seconds are gone forever. The thoughts in my head, that took hours to form are gone forever. Yet the words on this page are me giving you my time.

We all know that quality time spent together is life-changing and whether you’re doing a favor, making an art piece for someone, or even showing your boobs, that time investment on your part can be life-changing for them. That’s why it’s so valuable.

We trade our time for money all the time. We go to work, give 8 hours a day in exchange for bits of paper. The people that run the system end up manipulating it so that they extract more time from you in exchange for less money.

Exploitation is how this inequitable game continues to trap you.

They want your time and they’re willing to cheat you to get it.

Stop the madness and take back your power!

Trade your time for things you want. Are you good at landscaping but need your house painted? Work out a deal with a painter to landscape his/her yard in exchange for painting your house.

Do you love making art but need your kitchen sink fixed? Make something and trade it for a neighbor’s time to fix your sink.

Trade your time for someone else’s time instead of bits of manipulated paper.

Once you realize that your time is valuable you’ll understand that another person’s time is valuable too.

Just that simple recognition can help end the exploitation and profiteering by the corporations, and the ultra-wealthy that only see you as dirty peasants.

Never forget, you have something they want. Know that you have the most precious thing in the universe.

Your time.

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