The Ecstasy of Music and Dance

Drumming Ecstasy, © 2021, Thomas Ott

Lessons from Divine Femininity & Masculinity

At 16 I was “conned” into joining a heavy metal band. My friend Tony thought it would be a good idea to start a band, become famous, and get lots of chicks.

He needed a bass player and said, “Ott, you should play bass!” I thought about it and decided it was a great idea to play music and get chicks. What a winning combination for a horny teenager!

I saved up my money and I bought a used bass and cheap amplifier for $150 dollars at the local music store in town. Then we set out to practice.

One friend played drums and another friend sang and played rhythm guitar. Sweating in a garage and playing what my father affectionately called “coordinated noise.” I loved music and this happenstance started me down a path that forever changed me.

My first band lasted two months because we got into a fight about what to play and how. On top of it, we were disappointed that we had no groupies by this time. My friend Tony and I reformed a new band and we played all through high school and college.

I practiced my bass playing every day after I finished my school work. I grew my hair long and played in a speed metal band. Then I cut my hair and played in a punk rock band. My punk rock years were some of my wildest, craziest, and haziest times of my life.

I regret not making the time for something that I love.

Everything came screeching to a halt when I got a “real job” and moved to New Mexico. My friends were sad, considering we had cut a few 7” records and were getting some notoriety at the time, but I made a choice, playing in the band wasn’t putting food on my table.

I lived in New Mexico for 5 years, and those were glorious years indeed, but I grew lonely for home and moved back to the Garden State. I met up with my old friends and we “got the band back together” again. Only this time we played improvisation type of music, in the vein of Phish, moe. and the String Cheese Incident.

Those were good years but I left the band as we were all getting married, having kids, and working like crazy. It’s with a heavy heart that I regret this. I regret not making the time for something that I love.

I had reached a level of heightened ecstasy…

I love playing music because of the one most amazing thing about it, the ecstasy.

Musical Ecstasy

It doesn’t matter if you play, sing, listen, or dance. Music can alter your consciousness and deliver you into a state of ecstasy.

I can’t explain the feeling but you know it when you feel it. There was this one particular time when we were “jamming,” a term we used to improvise music. We were playing a very trance-like groove and everyone was doing their musical runs.

She utterly drips with feminine energy…

When it was my turn to take a run I felt like a spirit entered me. It was a feeling I had never in my life felt. Something through me and into my hands. I made the most incredible run ever. It was like I was orgasming music, it was pure energy and bliss.

I had reached a level of heightened ecstasy and have never felt the same afterward.

After that song, my bandmates told me it was the most incredible piece of bass playing they had ever heard and seen.

That was almost two decades ago but I remember it like it was yesterday.

The Beat Lives On

We took a trip to Florida this year to check out a college for my daughter. We were in Sarasota for a few days and spent the entire time at all the different beaches.

Lithe women adorned with lights and flowing accessories danced seductively to the rhythm that the mostly male drummers beat.

One day my partner mentioned that she read there would be a drum circle at Siesta Key beach at sunset. It was supposedly the largest drum circle in all of Florida and the United States. My partner and kids have never been to a drum circle and it was years for me, so we decided to go.

Arriving in the parking lot I could hear the beats and I felt its energy enter my body. I felt something I haven’t felt in all those years.

The beat was primal and there were so many different drummers. There were children with their mothers in the circle. Guys with dreadlocks and lots of women dancing in the circle.

My kids gave me that “what’s with all this weird stuff going on Dad?” So I showed them that it was ok by getting into the drum circle and dancing. If you scour my Twitter account you’ll find a video of me dancing very badly but enjoying every minute of it.

Night fell and the children left with their parents but the drum circle carried on. Lithe women adorned with lights and flowing accessories danced seductively to the rhythm that the mostly male drummers beat.

It was as if the men were courting the women, and they took all that male energy into themselves and expressed it through their bodies. It was as if the energies was mixing and the women were creating some new and beautiful with their female energy.

It’s like the creation of life. A man’s sperm is absorbed by a woman’s egg and she makes a new life from his vital energy and hers.

I felt like I was a voyeur and was watching a musical act of sex. The men were giving and the women were receiving.

I was mesmerized by all this.

Feminine and Masculine Ecstasy

I want you to watch this video of a drum circle. Pay particular attention to the women in the black dress.

The beat is energetic and she starts to dance. She bends her hips to a drummer, tussling her hair seductively, feeling the beat course through her body. The drummer eagerly gives her the primal energy that she needs.

She utterly drips with feminine energy and all the male drummers read this instinctively.

Another woman enters the circle and starts to dance. More women enter and start to dance. The woman in the black dress moves from drummer to drummer, like she’s choosing a lover.

One drummer had stopped for a second starts to drum harder and faster as she approaches. She communicates with her body that he needs to compete for her, and he does.

Of course, this dance is teasing and flirtatious but its ecstasy serves one big important thing in this life we all share.

It is in the throes of ecstasy that we can connect with the Divine. We can break out of all the attachments that hold us back and ride the energy surge.

We find that pure energy deep inside us and let it flow through us we come to know God and Goddess.

Who are they you may ask? You are them, you are God and Goddess.

It was a short time after I got back from Florida that I bought a Djembe drum. I started to practice and felt alive again. I will no longer forgo my need for the Divine and I yearn to tap into that primal beat of life and love.

One evening I was practicing and my partner said that I was getting pretty good at it. Then she surprised me by doing an impromptu dance as I beat my drum. She flowed with the beat for a few seconds and flirted with me using her hips and body.

I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked at that very moment and how Divine it all was.

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