Central Park

Feminine Consciousness Emerges, © 2021 Thomas Ott

It was a chance encounter, something I had not expected. I was walking through Central Park, on my way with friends to the String Cheese Incident show. There were so many young people in hippie garb moving around. The smell of marijuana and alcohol hung low in the steamy night.

move gracefully 
through time

We were moving through masses of people, the sound of a drum circle grew louder. Shadows from the trees grow longer as the sun started to set. The night was cooling off as the energy of the crowd was lifted to the emerging stars. My friends zigged and I zagged through the crowd.

drum beats 
heart beats 
fallen trees

I took a wrong step and suddenly I was in a drum circle. The beat was primal, men making auditory love to the women dancing. The masses of people moved and I was thrust toward you. Your supple body, adorned with beads, twisted and twirled to the drum beats. I saw your feminine shape, the bell of your hips, the small of your back, the curve of your breasts. I felt your ecstasy yet I was the one in a trance.

we make love 
through vibrations

A split second turned to eternity. A vigorous spin and you looked up at me and I down to you. Our eyes locked, you poured yourself into me and swept away all my defenses as a tide does in a storm. I felt your Feminine energy cut through me like wildfire and rattle the cage where my inner child was hiding.

new sapling —
healing begins 
with Gaia

Then you were gone. I staggered out of the circle like a drunken but illuminated man and found my friends. We found a spot and cracked open beers. The evening was glorious. I surrendered myself to the music with my eyes closed. I moved back and forth to the music and danced to its rhythm.

on old ashes 
new forest

Your eyes have haunted me for decades. In the ecstasy of my life’s dance, I still see your eyes. They are there for me when I am in need. Your eyes are Spirit guides. You were a Bodhisattva in disguise. Thank you.

bird song 
deaf ears 
lost wisdom

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