You Owe It To Yourself

“The Lily does not fear the mud, for she emerges from it into beauty. — T. Ott”

You set the finish line you cross

My wife is an amazing woman. She’s a Mother to our children, my lover, and my best friend. We’re so lucky to live this amazing life together and she feels an immense gratitude as much as I do. Despite how wonderful everything is now, her life started out a bit rough. She grew up dirt poor and uneducated in Communist China but made her way to the USA and to success. She’s the epitome of the American Dream, an immigrant that came to the USA and worked her ass off. She truly ‘living the dream.’

You owe it to yourself to push yourself as far as you can go in life.

This might sound like an incredible ‘rags to riches’ story but it’s not based on dumb luck. She had a powerful moral compass, a philosophy if you will, that guided her entire life. It will continue to guide her until her last breath on Earth, and I would like to share it with you.

Here philosophy is this: You owe it to yourself to push yourself as far as you can go in life.

You have one life

We have one life to live. No matter what circumstances we’re born into, all we have is this one shot at living. We may be successful or we may fail. We may find love or pain. We may be born poor or with silver spoons in our mouth. It doesn’t matter your circumstances, what matters is how you deal with it.

What about you?

My wife took it upon herself to get an education in China. She studied and worked hard to get into a good school. She had NO IDEA where her life would go but she knew she had to get out of the life she was living then. She kept pushing herself until there was a real break through.

What about you? Are you pushing yourself as far as you can go in this life? Take stock of your life and ask yourself if you’re where you want to be. It’s ok to feel restless. Restlessness means you’re not done pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Take that restlessness and channel it. Channel it to a goal, a new job, finding new love, whatever.

Another destination awaits.

Don’t resign yourself to your current fate because you worked hard to get there. You’re not done working hard. Today is NOT your finish line, and another race is about to start. Another destination awaits. Another adventure is about to begin.

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