The Donkey

Dear Friend,

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Donkey. The Donkey is like the Monkey but worse. The Donkey is a metaphor, no Donkeys were harmed in the writing of this essay.

Master Foyan

Zen Master Foyan said “In my school there are only two kinds of sickness. One is to go looking for the donkey while riding on the donkey. The other is to be unwilling to dismount once having mounted the donkey.”

The Donkey is you. It is the world.

The Donkey

We all ride on our Donkeys. We all have our attachment to things.






We ride on these Donkeys all our life, sometimes not realizing it.

Sometimes we realize the Donkey but we are too scared or comfortable to dismount the Donkey.

I am a Donkey rider too. I realize I’m on the Donkey, and I want to dismount.

It’s very hard to make the Donkey into a donkey.

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