Current Status

What's been happening

My personal status report since this last one.

  • Weight is down to 198 and holding
  • Starting some light lifting, gawd I'm weak
  • Started a new job last week
  • Pick up a small wooden pinhole camera as a gift to myself
  • Forgot the meditate
  • Realized that my RicohGRD has something off in the sensor
  • Cooked up a storm, everyone seems to like the food I'm making now
  • Worked at the German Club's Oktoberfest event. Manned the door, sold close to 800 tickets
  • Bought more MSFT, that thing is on a tear
  • Still holding a losing EURUSD short, might be time to close it

Ruminations on Sunday dinner

Dear Reader,

Today is Sunday. I'm procrastinating. I should be making Sunday dinner but the kids aren't hungry and my wife is in NYC shopping.

There are leftovers in the refrigerator, we are blessed.

I won't be cooking but will write this post instead.

Still, no Sunday dinner...

I'm a bum.

Why Sunday?

Growing up, Sunday dinner was always a big deal in my German family. We always had Sunday dinner together and especially so after my sister and I started working. We always made it home on Sunday. It was centering.

Now I have my own family and we do the same, until the day both my kids leave the nest.

But why Sunday? What is so magical about that day? In some places it's the first day of the week, at my house it's the end of the week. I don't know what this day is any different than having dinner any other night. Maybe it has to do with Christianity, Sunday worship followed by Brunch and then Sunday dinner with the family.

Or maybe not.

Maybe it was the only day we all made it point to get together and sit together as a family.

Tomorrow is Monday

Not news here. Tomorrow starts the school and work week. My daughter will oversleep, my son will want me to make him breakfast, and the emails start flooding in. That's work.

It's going to get crazy and I'll push ahead. Before I know it, it'll be Friday evening again and I'll be meal planning Sunday dinner. Where does the time go?

E is 13 now, A is 11. Both in middle school. I won't even go there with S's age, but I'm staring 48 in the face. I'm reminded that it is coming for us.

What is it?

IT! Capital I and capital T. You know. No one gets out alive? Yeah, that.

I only hope it comes later, way later for me. And for you.

In the mean time I will cook Sunday dinner. I will enjoy the dwindling number of Sundays I have left with them all.

My family is my solace. They are my life.

That is life.

Is it not?

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Goodbye Summer 2018

This summer was over too quickly but it was a good one. Hope yours was the same.

Sunfish Sailboat


Current Status

What's been happening

My personal status report since this last one.

  • Forgot to meditate, DAMN IT!
  • Weight crept up to 200lbs, tis ok
  • Sold USDTRY for a small lost
  • Went short EURSUD, still holding. In the BIG RED but holding.
  • Neice from Hong Kong is here, having a good time
  • Accepted an offer from a Startup, looking forward to getting back into it.
  • Severely sprained my left big toe during Karate class
  • Need to go more to the Dojo, kind slacking off
  • Reviewed some Python courses and streamlined some Twitter processes
  • Finished reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain (see below)

I have to say, the late Anthony Bourdain was an entertaining writer. I enjoyed his book 'Kitchen Confidential' and I've been inspired to cook more and try new things. Raw, funny, and reliable, it's 5/5 stars for me.

Next on the reading list is '4 Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferris.

I'm making it a point to read and write more again. I think I'm going to leave my NMT site alone as just a Machine Learning | Data Science resource and spend more time over here.


MSFT keeps on going higher

Now this is a wonderful chart. It's a weekly chart of MSFT and I like it. Been long this company since the 80's or so. I love it MSFT for it's cloud offering Azure. If you're a Data Scientist or a Data Analyst, you're either on Azure of AWS, and let's face it...AWS is hard.

MSFT Stock

Staying long till the cows come home.