• MSFT keeps on going higher

  • money · Stocks · 2018-08-28 · Thomas Ott
  • Now this is a wonderful chart. It's a weekly chart of MSFT and I like it. Been long this company since the 80's or so. I love it MSFT for it's cloud offering Azure. If you're a Data Scientist or a Data Analyst, you're either on Azure of AWS, and …

  • First 'Real' EURUSD trade

  • money · Forex · 2018-08-20 · Thomas Ott
  • I took my first 'real' FOREX trade in ages last week. I sold short 1000 units of EURUSD. I'm betting on the USD getting stronger against the EURO.

    While those 1000 units cost me like $100 with 10:1 leverage, and my account is only $125, I ended up dialing …

  • Current Status

  • random $hit · Personal · 2018-08-16 · Thomas Ott
  • What's been happening

    • Been meditating everyday for two weeks straight
    • Weight now 197.4 (down about 13lbs)
    • Went long USDTRY at the wrong time, sold at a loss
    • Went short EURSUD, still holding. In the red
    • Cooked Sunday dinner
    • Friday night party is planned

    I heard that Millennials hate Mayonnaise …

  • GERN and Mistakes

  • money · Stocks · 2018-08-15 · Thomas Ott
  • I don't remember where I found this one but I went long around $3.70 months back. The stock promptly went flat and lower. I don't have a lot of shares in this thing but it is supposed to be a JNJ potential buyout. They're developing some drug that that …