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Investing in 2019 and beyond Mar 19, 2019 Investing & Retirement & money The r/investing sub cracks me up sometimes. This guy has had enough of the sub because all it spews is how great Buffet is and dollar cost Current Status-Spring Day in Chicago Mar 15, 2019 photos current status-spring day in chicago EURUSD Price Action is Interesting Mar 15, 2019 money & forex eurusd price action is interesting Current Status- New Jersey Looking At New York Mar 13, 2019 photos current status- new jersey looking at new york Flat Market Tone Today, Maybe some consolidation going on Mar 12, 2019 money flat market tone today, maybe some consolidation going on Weight Loss Tracking Mar 12, 2019 1750 Date Weight Don't Read Books to Destroy a Culture Mar 11, 2019 thoughts don't read books to destroy a culture I Retired at 38 Mar 11, 2019 Retirement & Relationships & thoughts & work RetirementTanja and husband Mark started saving for retirement early. She knew she had to store up investments because she has an genetic disease Broad Positive Market Tone Mar 11, 2019 money broad positive market tone Frozen Lake with Fog Mar 10, 2019 photos & random snaps frozen lake with fog Vegan Dinner Nights Mar 10, 2019 thoughts I think I’m going to do this for Sunday dinners Housing Madness in San Francisco Mar 10, 2019 Real Estate & San Francisco & thoughts I love San Francisco but it’s too damn expensive, and about to get more expensive. No, he said, not anymore. The energy rose as he revealed more USDCHF Bumping on resistance Mar 10, 2019 money & forex usdchf bumping on resistance American Eagle 5 YR Price Chart Mar 10, 2019 money american eagle 5 yr price chart Languages Spoken in Switzerland Mar 10, 2019 interesting languages spoken in switzerland Asynchronous Communications for Work Mar 9, 2019 Life & Communications & thoughts & work Slack the product wasn’t the issue. It’s perfectly designed and built for what it does—real-time messaging for teams. It was real-time messaging Bruce Lee Inspiration Goals Mar 8, 2019 martial arts bruce lee inspiration goals Ideal Jobs Mar 8, 2019 Work & Life & thoughts Those ideal jobs are increasingly not in large metro areas. High rents, mind-numbing traffic, and competition for positions are driving workers to Boy Did I Miss This Downward Move in the EURUSD Mar 8, 2019 money & forex boy did i miss this downward move in the eurusd Life is NOT a Journey Mar 7, 2019 life
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