June 3, 2018

Week Ending 2018-06-03


  • Monday was Memorial Day, had a small BBQ
  • Watched E’s soccer game on Sunday, they won 3-0
  • S and I were invited over for a BBQ at N&L’s house. Had some great corn, chicken, and beef. Drank a beer and had some wine. Finished off with marsala chai tea
  • Moved some furniture with S
  • Cut grass on Sunday morning


  • Delivered a Horse Race Model, supposedly won $27.50 on a $2 wager


  • Was really lazy and didn’t go to any classes (that was money throwen out the window
  • Went to a Seisan Seminar in Plesant Valley NY on Saturday. Had dinner with many Karate friends


  • Worked four days this week doing Engineering
  • Did two site inspections for my sister’s new septic system. Inspected the exvacation and suitable fill material. Suitable material passed.


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