February 15, 2018

Ultra-processed Foods 'Linked' to Cancer

Ultra-processed Foods Linked’ to Cancer

The link appears to be slight but this reminds me of what father used to say about the local farmer. If the farmer doesn’t recognize his food, he won’t eat it. So no chicken nuggets.

I didn’t realize the definition of ultra-processed but here’s what the authors say:

  • Mass-produced packaged breads and buns
  • Sweet or savoury packaged snacks including crisps
  • Chocolate bars and sweets
  • Sodas and sweetened drinks
  • Meatballs, poultry and fish nuggets
  • Instant noodles and soups
  • Frozen or shelf-life ready meals
  • Foods made mostly or entirely from sugar, oils and fats

The following numbers are based on the French study conducted in Paris. I suspect our Merican’ diets are way worse.

  • On average, 18% of people’s diet was ultra-processed
  • On average, there were 79 cancers per 10,000 people each year
  • Upping the proportion of processed food by 10% would lead to nine extra cancers per 10,000 people per year

However, this should be noted.

Dr Ian Johnson, from the Quadram Institute in Norwich, said the study had identified some rather weak associations”.

But he criticised the vagueness of the term ultra-processed. He said: The problem is that the definition of ultra-processed foods they have used is so broad and poorly defined that it is impossible to decide exactly what, if any, causal connections have been observed.” via BBC

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