March 15, 2017



What will happen to disabled people like Sean under #Trumpcare?

Sean and I went for a drive that weekend. Up the coastline from Hampton through hyper-affluent Rye and into Portsmouth. It’s a drive we’ve made countless times, and it’s always a bit of an odd drive, a mixture of us both gawking at the gilded age mansions that dot the coast while simultaneously acknowledging, even if silently, that the class of people who occupy those mansions probably wish people like my brother—“drains on the system” and on their incomes come tax time—didn’t exist. It felt even odder on that day.

Sean and I are close, and Sean and I are honest with each other. To offer him some lame placation like, Everything will be okay, man,” seemed as disingenuous and futile as saying, Donald Trump is not our president.” Because the truth is, Donald Trump is our fucking president, and everything might not be okay. So I said nothing. via Deadspin


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