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Welcome to New Mexico Mar 6, 2019 travel I’m missing the Land of Enchantment right about now. Welcome to New Mexico Tear Drop Trailers Mar 6, 2019 Camping & Travel & outdoors I love these tear drop trailers and I want to get/make one! Capetown Out of Water Jan 18, 2018 travel Climate change is wrecking havoc with this world. I haven’t been to Capetown but I did enjoy South Africa, so I feel sad about this. Based on this South Africa Dec 23, 2017 South Africa & Travel & Nelson Mandela & travel I was in South Africa this past Thanksgiving and I’m just now getting around to writing my observations. Stella and I (sans kids) took a quick trip Typhoon is coming Aug 26, 2017 travel typhoon is coming FarmHouse Ales - The Experience Aug 11, 2017 Farmhouse Ale & Homebrew & Iceland & News & Norway & Travel & brewing My favorite type of ales are Farmhouse Ales. Brewed after the summer, they’re very carbonated with a spicy and fruity flavor. Bittering varies but Greetings from sunny Florida. Apr 19, 2017 travel Current Status - Paris Nov 8, 2016 Travel & Paris & France & photos & random snaps