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Website Traffic Generation - Where I Get My Traffic From Mar 27, 2019 thoughts website traffic generation - where i get my traffic from Vegan Dinner Nights Mar 27, 2019 thoughts I think I’m going to do this for Sunday dinners Don't Read Books to Destroy a Culture Mar 27, 2019 thoughts don't read books to destroy a culture Taipa-and-Coloane-Tourist-Map Mar 27, 2019 thoughts & personal taipa-and-coloane-tourist-map Macao-Tourist-Map Mar 27, 2019 thoughts & personal macao-tourist-map Macao-City-Bus-Map Mar 27, 2019 thoughts & personal macao-city-bus-map I Retired at 38 Mar 11, 2019 Retirement & Relationships & thoughts & work RetirementTanja and husband Mark started saving for retirement early. She knew she had to store up investments because she has an genetic disease Housing Madness in San Francisco Mar 10, 2019 Real Estate & San Francisco & thoughts I love San Francisco but it’s too damn expensive, and about to get more expensive. No, he said, not anymore. The energy rose as he revealed more Asynchronous Communications for Work Mar 9, 2019 Life & Communications & thoughts & work Slack the product wasn’t the issue. It’s perfectly designed and built for what it does—real-time messaging for teams. It was real-time messaging Ideal Jobs Mar 8, 2019 Work & Life & thoughts Those ideal jobs are increasingly not in large metro areas. High rents, mind-numbing traffic, and competition for positions are driving workers to Thank You 2018 Jan 1, 2019 Gratitude & thoughts Thank You I was on Twitter the other day and someone had posted a set of old Tweets about how bad the year sucked. One tweet was “2014 sucked, let’s When is it NOT busy? Nov 5, 2018 Life & thoughts Time Dear Friend, It’s been a busy year up till now, and that’s ok with me. I closed down my consultancy and joined a new firm in September. I went Week Ending 2018-06-03 Jun 3, 2018 Personal & thoughts & personal Monday was Memorial Day, had a small BBQ Watched E’s soccer game on Sunday, they won 3-0 S and I were invited over for a BBQ at N&L’s house. Starting the New Year Right! Jan 1, 2018 thoughts ruminations on 2017 This photo inspires a haiku. A post shared by Thomas Ott (@neuralmarket) on Dec 30, 2017 at 4:31am PST   We had a Ruminations on 2017 Dec 26, 2017 thoughts R0003413 Insert the standard “It’s hard to believe but 2017 is almost over! Followed by the”Next year my resolutions are: <<my list>>” I added the word 'Blockchain' to my Twitter Profile Dec 23, 2017 thoughts Since blockchain is all the rage now, I changed my Twitter Profile from ‘Thomas Ott’ to ‘Thomas Ott Blockchain’. Here’s how to looks. I wonder if my Meditations on Life and Photography Dec 21, 2017 thoughts After all these years trying to get ‘famous’, Eric has gone the route of soul searching. He’s finally coming to grips with the limited time we have Is it time for Active Investing? Dec 21, 2017 thoughts I really don’t know but all this passive investing has got me wondering. Is it time to get active in the markets again? Maybe. Maybe note. I’m Metamorphosis Ayahuasca Documentary Dec 11, 2017 thoughts Wild stuff. Don’t be programmed Dec 11, 2017 thoughts Create Strategic Power to Advance In Life Oct 19, 2017 Sun Tzu & Inspiration & thoughts Strategic Power is like rolling logs off a mountain. - Sun Tzu To advance in life you must utilize Strategic Power and create winning situations Engage with the ordinary, win with the extraordinary Oct 13, 2017 thoughts engage with the ordinary, win with the extraordinary Cultivate Tao for Victory Oct 12, 2017 Sun Tzu & Inspiration & thoughts One who excels cultivates the Tao, therefore they are able to know victory and defeat. - Sun Tzu Cultivate your own Tao. Seek inside yourself Enable Twitter Cards and Open Graph in Blot.Im Oct 11, 2017 Blot & Open Graph & Twitter & Cards & thoughts I struggled for days on how to correctly enable Twitter Cards and Open Graph (aka Facebook) in my Blot.IM templates! Days! The problem is now solved A Practical Guide to Shooting Film Oct 3, 2017 Film & Photography & thoughts This is a rant piece that aims to be somewhat informative, ideally. Right now there are so many “film” shooters selling courses or workshops on how The Dash Sep 13, 2017 thoughts & personal Concentrate on your “dash” today. Your dash is that line between the day you are born and the day you die. The dates on either end aren’t that Old Journal Jul 19, 2017 thoughts & personal Been journaling for years now. Mostly work tasks and notes. Nice to go back and check out that stuff I’ve done when I can find them. My old Trump must resign Apr 4, 2017 thoughts This is one of the countless other “swamp filling” legislations. “There is literally no public support for this bill. Its only advocates are the Was in Texas Mar 15, 2017 thoughts & personal Headed out to #GartnerDA for a few days. Had a great time there. There and back home again. Strike Feb 25, 2017 thoughts The world is full of giants. They have always been here, lumbering in the schoolyards, limping through the alleys. We had to learn how to deal with Investing for the long term Nov 29, 2016 Investing & thoughts Barry makes a lot of sense in his latest column, but then again he always makes good sense. “Watch a pro football game, and it’s obvious the guys Sketchup Pro Nov 28, 2016 Engineering & Architecture & Sketchup & thoughts & personal This weekend I experimented with the SketchupPro, a 3D design tool that let’s you do all kinds of neat things. I was able to create a contour map Casa Brutale Nov 28, 2016 Architecture & Engineering & thoughts & personal is proposed to be built into a cliff somewhere in Beruit. Designed by ARUP, this is a quite an interesting, but spartan, house design Google Adsense Experiment Nov 23, 2016 Content & Writing & Adsense & Blot & thoughts Over at my other blog I’m running an Adsense experiment. I switched my CMS back to Wordpress and left Blot.Im behind. I then used Google’s Adsense Snowy Wind Zen Nov 22, 2016 Video & thoughts & personal Coffee Haus Blues Jun 5, 2016 Mobile Office & Writing & thoughts I’m sitting in a coffee “haus” in Little Falls, NJ. Why? It’s a rainy day and there seems to be nothing else to do but drink coffee and write a Film for Street Photography May 9, 2016 Film & Street Photography & thoughts I spent the last 6 months just shooting film and not developing it. I squirrelled it away in a bag and just let it marinate. I wanted to look at my Me May 5, 2016 Film & Diana F+ & thoughts & personal Film, Diana F+