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Taipa-and-Coloane-Tourist-Map Mar 6, 2019 thoughts & personal taipa-and-coloane-tourist-map Macao-Tourist-Map Mar 6, 2019 thoughts & personal macao-tourist-map Macao-City-Bus-Map Mar 6, 2019 thoughts & personal macao-city-bus-map Week Ending 2018-06-03 Jun 3, 2018 Personal & thoughts & personal Monday was Memorial Day, had a small BBQ Watched E’s soccer game on Sunday, they won 3-0 S and I were invited over for a BBQ at N&L’s house. The Dash Sep 13, 2017 thoughts & personal Concentrate on your “dash” today. Your dash is that line between the day you are born and the day you die. The dates on either end aren’t that Old Journal Jul 19, 2017 thoughts & personal Been journaling for years now. Mostly work tasks and notes. Nice to go back and check out that stuff I’ve done when I can find them. My old Was in Texas Mar 15, 2017 thoughts & personal Headed out to #GartnerDA for a few days. Had a great time there. There and back home again. Casa Brutale Nov 28, 2016 Architecture & Engineering & thoughts & personal is proposed to be built into a cliff somewhere in Beruit. Designed by ARUP, this is a quite an interesting, but spartan, house design Sketchup Pro Nov 28, 2016 Engineering & Architecture & Sketchup & thoughts & personal This weekend I experimented with the SketchupPro, a 3D design tool that let’s you do all kinds of neat things. I was able to create a contour map Snowy Wind Zen Nov 22, 2016 Video & thoughts & personal Me May 5, 2016 Film & Diana F+ & thoughts & personal Film, Diana F+