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Grand Hiking Trials in the USA Mar 6, 2019 outdoors grand hiking trials in the usa Tear Drop Trailers Mar 6, 2019 Camping & Travel & outdoors I love these tear drop trailers and I want to get/make one! Delaware Water Gap Morning Jul 3, 2018 outdoors delaware water gap morning Dead Barred Owl Mar 31, 2017 outdoors I’m always sad when I see Raptor injured or killed. I drove by this guy on the side of a busy road in my town. At first I thought it was still alive Wolves Mar 15, 2017 outdoors On Hiking Alone Sep 20, 2015 hiking & safety & injury & philosophy & outdoors I’ve started hiking again. Usually alone and for many hours. I live in a fairly rural area of NJ with lots of wood and lakes, and I have the usually