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Bruce Lee Inspiration Goals Mar 8, 2019 martial arts bruce lee inspiration goals Slow Progress Karate Mar 6, 2019 martial arts slow progress karate Karate Lion Mar 6, 2019 martial arts karate lion Isshin Ryu Karate Notes Mar 6, 2019 martial arts Isshin Ryu => Whole Heart Style Add here… Pinan #1 => Mr. Jenkins created this kata Pinan #2 => same as above Seisan Kata => 13 Be Like Water My Friend Mar 6, 2019 martial arts Some wise words from Master Bruce Lee. He appeared to be super human but he really unlocked his inate human potential. Wing Chun Jan 23, 2018 martial arts Some interesting tid-bits: Wing Chun was created by a female shaolin monk She was inspired by watching a bird attack a After-the-Shiai Apr 1, 2017 martial arts after-the-shiai