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Asynchronous Communications for Work Mar 9, 2019 Life & Communications & thoughts & work Slack the product wasn’t the issue. It’s perfectly designed and built for what it does—real-time messaging for teams. It was real-time messaging Ideal Jobs Mar 8, 2019 Work & Life & thoughts Those ideal jobs are increasingly not in large metro areas. High rents, mind-numbing traffic, and competition for positions are driving workers to Life is NOT a Journey Mar 7, 2019 life When is it NOT busy? Nov 5, 2018 Life & thoughts Time Dear Friend, It’s been a busy year up till now, and that’s ok with me. I closed down my consultancy and joined a new firm in September. I went Being Productive Jun 4, 2018 Productivity & life I’m being very unproductive lately. I just need to snap out of it and log things more. Maybe I can do it via a Google Calendar. Memorial Day 2018 May 18, 2018 Bread & life Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? Nowadays it seems the meaning is