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$10 Upgrade Your Dinner Challenge Aug 13, 2018 Cooking & DIY & food This weekend I started a game with my kids. It’s called the $10 upgrade your dinner challenge. The goal is to use $10 or less to upgrade your Making Stock from Bones Aug 12, 2018 Food & Cooking & food I like to make things from scratch, so yesterday I made beef stock from scratch. It was pretty simple to do. Get some beef bones with marrow in them Ratios for Doughs and Batters Jun 5, 2018 food ratios for doughs and batters Sunday Dutch Baby Jun 5, 2018 food sunday dutch baby Is Making Bread Hard? May 13, 2018 Bread & food Is making bread hard? YES! For me at least. However, I’m getting better at it. After a two hour proof and then putting it into a break pan for Ultra-processed Foods 'Linked' to Cancer Feb 15, 2018 Food & Health & food The link appears to be slight but this reminds me of what father used to say about the local farmer. If the farmer doesn’t recognize his food, he Shrimp with Champagne Sauce Feb 11, 2018 Food & food Champagne shrimp in a cream with mushrooms sauce over a bed of noodles. Served with a glass of champagne. #cooking #food #foodporn #shrimp Breaking the Fast Feb 6, 2018 Food & food Ritual. A morning breakfast ritual is very powerful. If you’re single, it’s sets the tone for your day. If you have a family, it brings you Pan Cooked Noodles with Pomodoro Sauce Feb 4, 2018 Food & food This was a test of a new cooking technique for noodles I learned. Blanch the noodles in boiling salted water and then finish cooking in a Count Dracula's Recipe for Creme Brulee Feb 2, 2018 Food & food This guy cracks me up. One of the comments said that this video was “Count Dracula’s cooking tips” and I just laughed out loud. That said, this is a