December 23, 2017

South Africa

South Africa

I was in South Africa this past Thanksgiving and I’m just now getting around to writing my observations. Stella and I (sans kids) took a quick trip over there for a wedding, my first on that continent.

We took a nice 14+ hour flight to Johannesburg and spent most our time in that city. We made a small side trip to Bloemfontein to visit more family before heading back home at the end of November.

Overall, Stella and I had a great time. The food, weather, and wine were fantastic! The wine was so good, Stella and I might start importing it to the USA. Just like ever traveler thinks to do when they are there.

Sure South Africa has some issues when it comes to crime and race, but I think the new political party vying for control will help with social stability.

Would I visit again? You bet, we’re planning on going back there in a few years with the kids on a safari over in the western part of South Africa. I might even venture into Mozambique!

Here I am with Nelson Mandela. He’s overlooking Bloemfontein. I’m taking a selfie with him.

Nelson and me.

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