June 4, 2018

Being Productive

I’m being very unproductive lately. I just need to snap out of it and log things more. Maybe I can do it via a Google Calendar.

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June 4, 2018

Weight Loss Tracking

Date Weight (lbs)
9/11/17 210
9/18/17 204.6
9/25/17 200.6
10/2/17 199.4
10/9/17 202.6
10/16/17 199.0
10/23/17 198.6
10/30/17 196.0
11/6/17 201.0
11/13/17 199.8
01/15/18 202.8
02/12/18 202.8
05/27/17 207.4

Blood Pressure

Date Pressure
10/1/17 130 over 98


Diet: Keto style.

9/29: Stalled weight loss between 9/25 and 9/27, seems to be switching over to visceral fat burn?

10/2: Definitely stalled weight. Need to count calories now.

10/4: Broke through stall, registered at 199.4 lb.

10/5: Confirmed that stall is done. Started kettle bell routine.

10/23 Intraweek hit 198 but carb binged on Friday and Saturday, so out of ketosis for sure and need to undo the damage.

10/9: Had serious cheat event on Saturday night. Drank 3 beers, ate bread, etc. End result, gain of 3 lbs (probably water).

10/30/17: Struggled with quite a few cheat days lately. It’s real easy to fall back into carb eating mode. Had a great meetup with someone who lost 50lbs over a year by thinking of it as a lifestyle and not a diet.

11/6/17: Continued my slide backwards with more carbs and sugars (halloween). Ended up eating two slices of loaded pizza plus several glasses of wine and beers at parties. The end result is 5lbs of gain, probably water but still. I have been drinking bullet proof coffee (BPC) but I think I need to go back to having some yogurt with fruit in the morning.

11/8/17: Yogurt with fruit and Chia seeds is the way to go. I feel a lot better and my cravings are coming back under control. Looking at making Kefir and amping up prebiotic foods.

11/30/17: Returned from trip to South Africa. Weighed in at 202.4

1/15/18: Starting new baseline. Weighed in at 202.8 and starting to get back on the Keto diet. I do love bread but the carbs is what kills you.

2/12/18: Started cooking classes and working on low carb meals. When I do eat pasta/breads, it’s in small quantities.

5/27/18: So heavily into carbs again and drinking wine. UGH. I need to start going in the Keto direction again.

June 3, 2018

Week Ending 2018-06-03


  • Monday was Memorial Day, had a small BBQ
  • Watched E’s soccer game on Sunday, they won 3-0
  • S and I were invited over for a BBQ at N&L’s house. Had some great corn, chicken, and beef. Drank a beer and had some wine. Finished off with marsala chai tea
  • Moved some furniture with S
  • Cut grass on Sunday morning


  • Delivered a Horse Race Model, supposedly won $27.50 on a $2 wager


  • Was really lazy and didn’t go to any classes (that was money throwen out the window
  • Went to a Seisan Seminar in Plesant Valley NY on Saturday. Had dinner with many Karate friends


  • Worked four days this week doing Engineering
  • Did two site inspections for my sister’s new septic system. Inspected the exvacation and suitable fill material. Suitable material passed.
May 18, 2018

Memorial Day 2018

Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? Nowadays it seems the meaning is

May 13, 2018

Is Making Bread Hard?

Is making bread hard? YES! For me at least. However, I’m getting better at it.

After a two hour proof and then putting it into a break pan for another 30 minute proof, I found my mistake. I need to proof it even longer after putting it into the mold!

bread doughbread dough

Additionally, using cups and the English system of measurements for baking really sucks. One cup to you is different than one cup to me, so the bread is not consistent.

baked breadbaked bread

My mangled bread recipe

Right now I’m mixing the metric and English system of measurement. I’m trying to transition away from English but I still need to figure out what 1 teaspoon is in metric.

420 grams of bread flour

210 milliliters of water

Garlic powder / Rosemary / Thyme to taste

3 teaspoons of instant yeast

PS: I will never make fun of artisnal bread’ ever again.

April 27, 2018

Beer Archaeology

Lately I’ve been learning how to make bread. Not put the ingredients into a bread machine and hit the run” button, but good old fashioned bread by hand. Some call it artisnal’ bread, I call it freaking hard as hell.

But there is something about learning it the old way, like a craftsman would. Hard work, trial and error, lots of frustration. One day I’ll make the best loave of bread by hand ever.

This bread endeavor has gotten me interested in understanding old beer making crafts too. Beer has been around for 1,000′s of years and I never really thought about what kind of beer the ancients drank, until now.

An ancient Chinese beer recipe brewed 5,000 years ago calls for some unusual ingredients by today’s standards: barley, broomcorn millets and Job’s tears, as well as bits of bulbous root vegetables such as snake gourd root, yam and lily.

5,000 years ago dates back roughly to the Neolithic Age for China, and right before the Bronze Age. What I found particularly interesting about this article was this:

The team members were surprised that the beer contained barley, Wang said. In China, barley would not become a staple crop for another 3,000 years. via LaTimes

Yup, the barely was exclusively used to make beer. The ancient Chinese purposely made beer.

Next check out this video.

It is often presumed that the beer they drank was very gross or unpalatable because we want to presume that they’re just dumb and don’t know any better.”

Luckily, through ancient written texts we can recreate some of these old beers and try them at home.

In case you want to try some modern adaptations of older beers’, not necessarily ancient, then check out this Men’s Journal list of beers.

Beer Archeology