New Direction, New Site

There's been a lot of stuff going on in my life. The past two years were a struggle but the outcome has been amazing. Over a year ago I left a startup company that was my dream job to blaze my own trails. As I was contemplating this journey, my wife and I sat down and reviewed the status of our personal finances.

It was eye opening! Not in a bad way but quite the opposite. When we started our lives together, we had nothing! Over the years we had built up a small empire of investments, low debt, and real estate. I can't tell you the feeling of relief I had when we crunched the numbers.

My health was an issue too. My lifestyle was bad for the last decade and I never realized how bad it was. Through the kindness of a friend, I made some changes and started Karate. My health is now moving in the right direction. I owe my friend a huge debt of gratitude! Small changes make big impacts over time indeed!

Why am I writing all this? Simple. I'm changing the direction of this site. I'm starting over with the goal to share my wisdom on how to build and live an awesome life. I want to give back to the community because blogging has done so much for me in my life. I see the power in it. I see the impact of it and it's time for me to pay it forward again.

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