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Mastering.AI is a great domain name that’s available for purchase. You can use a domain like this for an educational company in the machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence (ai) space. The play on words is that you can master’ whatever ai’ product or service is that you sell or write about.


  1. Create an online educational service like or with this domain and sell a service
  2. Use it for your data science/machine learning consulting practice
  3. Use it for an online question and answer site like Quora
  4. Use it for your personal blog

This domain is currently owned by my holding company, SixthWorld Investments, LLC. When you type in into a browser, it should resolve itself to this landing page.

Contact me at my email(ott.tom//gmail) if you want to talk terms. It is currently listed at $2,000.

For more available domains, please check out our Domains For Sale page.

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