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#Macau Circa 2017

#Macau Circa 2017

There’s not a lot of street art in Macau but you can find some.

I always make a trip to the black sand beach in Coloane. Too bad it got trashed during Typhoon Hato.

Yes, this is the modern couple. I not proud to say that this is how my wife and I are too,

Macau at NightMacau at Night

Timelapse of night fall in Macau. This is about 124 frames at 1 minute intervals. I ran out of battery and memory but the Ricoh is great little timelapse camera!

Kids having fun in a Macau supermarket.

Clams and mussels in the Macau Food Market.

Local food hangout. These are the best and cheapest places to find and eat. The food was great

Went to a Starbucks in the Venetian Casino. I had the Cafe Americano cause I’m an Americano.

Loved this little park. It’s right next to my favorite coffee house in Macau.

Summer rain in an alleyway.

It appears that Pink Macau’ is coming out more.

This was near perfection. Delicious egg tarts from Lord Stowe’s bakery in Coloane and a Cappuccino.

The lucky cat is everywhere.

Red umbrellas…

are everywhere.

Clams movingClams moving

Some clams moving about.

I liked this particular store decoration!